Tupolev Tu-204

The Tupolev 204 seen as the successor of the Tu-154 completed its first flight on January 2nd 1989. The aircraft features the latest standards a two-man EFIS cockpit, fly-by-wire steering and a construction that includes a lot of composite materials. To be able to sell the aircraft in Western countries as well, there is a Rolls-Royce RB211-535 equipped version next to the standard aircraft with PS-90 engines. The cabin has room for 212 passengers.

Aside from the Tu-204, there is also the Tu-214 with increased takeoff weight. The Rolls-Royce powered version of this type runs as Tu-224. A stretched version named Tu-234 was built as well, yet due to Tupolev's financial struggles it hasn't flown until today. Most GUS airlines share these financial struggles with Tupolev certainly one of the main reason why the Tu-204 has a hard time selling, even at home.

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