Saab 2000

In the middle of the Eighties Saab began to develop a stretched version of the Saab 340, after Crossair had told its interest. In 1988 the new Saab 2000 for 50 passengers was officially presented.On March 26th 1992 the aircraft had its first flight, the first delivery to Crossair which had ordered 25 Saab 2000 was in September 1994.

To keep 50 passengers in the Saab, the fuselage of the Saab 340 was stretched over seven metres. The Saab 2000 got also a 15% increased span. It is driven by two Allison AE 2100A turboprops which have a six-blade-prop and are very quiet. The powerful engines make possible a high climb rate and a maximum speed of 665kph, which is nearly jet speed. The Saab 2000 got a completely new cockpit with six LCD-screens and a Headup-Guidance-Systems if demanded. The Active-Noise-Control system is used to reduce the cabin noise.

As regionaljets become more and more successful, the Saab 2000 could get its way and so only about 50 ones were built. In 1997 Saab decided to stop producing civil airplanes what caused the end of the new Saab 2000.

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