McDonnell Douglas MD-90

The MD-90 is a further development of the MD-80. The first flight was in February 1983. The launching customer was Delta Air Lines, which could take the first MD-90 in April 1995 into service- after a long testing program.

The MD-90 got new, giant-looking IAE V2500 engines which makes it easy to differ between MD-80 and MD-90. The fuselage was lengthened about one and a half metres, max. 172 passengers can be transported. Compared with the MD-80 the MD-90 has more powerful brakes, a new EFIS-cockpit and a new cabin layout. There is only one version, further developments weren't realized any more.

According to the production in Long Beach there was a license production of the MD-90 in China. However the production of the MD-90 was stopped after less than three years- after McDonnell Douglas had been taken over by Boeing, the MD-90 was a competitor of Boeings 737. Only about 100 MD-90 were produced and only the little sister MD-95 survived as Boeing 717.

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