McDonnell Douglas MD-11

The McDonnell Douglas MD-11 is the successor of the successful DC-10. In 1986 the project was started by McDonnell Douglas. Originally MDD planned to modify the DC-10 and to equip it with winglets, but the project became a completely new aircraft. The first flight was in January 1990, the first delivery to Finnair was in December.

The most characteristic sight of the MD-11 are the winglets at the wingends. The MD-11 is almost six metres longer than the DC-10. That enables the MD-11 to transport up to 405 passengers. A glass flight deck with six screens was installed, but MDD forewent on a Fly-by-Wire piloting. The engines are either by Pratt&Whitney or by General Electric.

According to the standard version there is the MD-11ER with additional tanks and a range of 13400km, as well as a combi version with a cargo door at the side and a cargo version which has been extremely successful.

Though it was released before its competitores A340 and Boeing 777, the MD-11 didn't become a success. That was especially a result of its rentability, as the high fuel consum was not very economically. When Boeing took over McDonnell Douglas in 1996, the production of the MD-11 was stopped. Only the successful cargo version was produced until 2000, but then also stopped. Altogether 178 MD-11 left the hangars in Long Beach.

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