Ilyushin IL-96

The IL-96 is based on the IL-86, features all the standards of Western widebody aircraft though. Not only does the Ilyushin come with a modern EFIS flight deck including six large screens, the aircraft is piloted via fly-by-wire as well. Still, a three-man-cockpit remained at first.

Compared to the IL-86, the fuselage was shortened about 4 meters, the wingspan increased and winglets were installed, equipping the IL-96 with a range of 9000km. The first flight of the IL-96-300 with PS-90A engines took place in September 1988, 1993 was the first delivery to Aeroflot.

Along with the IL-96-300, Ilyushin assemlbles the IL-96M. It is equipped with Pratt & Whitney engines and a two-man-cockpit. The fuselage was stretched about 8.5 meters, so that the IL-96 can host 350 passengers just like the IL-86.

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