Ilyushin IL-86

The IL-86 is the first real widebody aircraft from Soviet production. In late 1980, Aeroflot was delivered the first model. The aircraft is powered by four Kuznetsov NK-86. The 350-seating IL-86 was supposed to improve the increasing capacity problems on Russian domestic routes. To be able to operate from airports that are not equipped for a plane of this size, the practical solution in shape of retractable stairs in the fuselage was already featured. Passengers can therefore board the aircraft through the fuselage and leave their hand luggage downstairs before advancing to the cabin.

The reason for the IL-86's lack of success probably lies with the very limited range of not even 5000km. As a result, the IL-86 is and was used mainly on high-yield routes from Moscow to the Black Sea and on important links to close metro areas. After 108 aircraft, production was stopped in 1994.

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