Ilyushin IL-62

The IL-62 was the most important long-haul aircraft of the East for a long time. The four-engined jet, resembling the British Vickers VC-10 with its engines located in the back, was firstly presented in September 1962. The first flight followed on January 3rd 1963. Not until 1967 did Aeroflot begin scheduled air service with the IL-62.

At the beginning of the 70s, the further developed IL-62M with up to 198 seats was inaugurated. By using new Soloviev engines and an additional tank in the tail, the range could be extended to 10,000km. Another modified version called IL-62MK was presented in 1978.

In 1994, the production line was shut down after 285 aircraft. Still, many airlines from the former Eastern block have the IL-62 in their fleet. Until the German reunification, the IL-62 was the flagship of the GDR-airline ‘Interflug' as well.

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