Fokker 70

The Fokker 70 is a shortened version of the Fokker 100. In 1992 the project was started without any orders. Fokker relied on market analyses which predicted a big demand of 70-120 seated regional jets. Even before the the project was officially launched, Fokker began to built a prototype which had its first flight on April 4th 1993. But first two years later the first aircraft could be delivered to Indonesian Sempati Air.

As Fokker wanted to construct a family around the Fokker 100, the design of the airplanes stayed nearly the same. Compared with the Fokker 100, the Fokker 70 is about five metres shorter. But it got the same fittings as its sister model and took over the flight deck, too. Like the Fokker 100, the Fokker 70 is driven by Rolls-Royce Tay engines. For American customers the versions 70A and 70ER were offered with extended range.

With the bankruptcy of Fokker in 1996 the production of the Fokker 70 was stopped after only 40 airliners. Up to 1997 Fokker was allowed to built ordered planes.

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