Fokker 50

The Fokker 50 with room for 58 passengers was presented as successor of the Fokker 27 in late 1983. Both airplanes look nearly the same, but the Fokker 50 consists of 80% different components. Two prototypes were built, whose first flight was in late December 1985. Launching customer was DLT, today Lufthansa CityLine, which got the first Fokker 50s in Summer 1987.

Compared with the F27 a main characteristic sign of the Fokker 50 is the window line. Fokker shortened the windows, but increased the number of cabin windows. The entering door was put to the front. Gear and wings were also modified, the end of the wings were snapped off to the top (called "Foklets"). Further, the Fokker 50 got a modern glass flight deck and six-bladed turboprops type PW125 which reduce the noise level, but need less fuel which enables more range.

According to version -100 Fokker produced version -120 with one door less. From 1990 on, version -300 was built which got more powerful PW127B engines. It is faster and has an increased takeoff weight. In the middle of the Nineties Fokker developed the Fokker 60 with increased seat amount, however this version was never realised, as Fokker went bankrupt in 1996 and the production of the Fokker 50 was stopped after 218 aircraft.

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