Fokker 100

Simultaneously with the Fokker 50, Fokkers regional jet, the Fokker 100, was presented. The project was launched in November 1983. The Fokker 100 is the successor of the Fokker 28, a regional jet which was ahead of its time. On November 30th 1986 the first Fokker 100 took off in Amsterdam, launching customer Swissair took the first jet in March 1988 into service.

Fokker stretched the fuselage of the Fokker 28 about nearly six metres. So 100-122 passengers could be transported. Thanks to the new aerodynamic wing the Fokker had a 30% increased rentability. A new EFIS-flight deck was used, too, the engines used are Rolls-Royce Tay 650.

According to numerous modifications, which enabled an increased takeoff weight, Fokker developed a Quick-Change version and a cargo version. A VIP version was produced, too. The Fokker 100 was surprisingly successful in the USA. American Airlines bought 75 ones. In 1997 the production was stopped after 278 produced Fokker 100 as result of Fokkers bankruptcy in 1996.

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