Embraer ERJ 170 / 175 / 190 / 195

After the absolutely huge success of the ERJ-145 series, Embraer decided to strengthen its position on the market for regional jets. In 1999, Embraer decided to launch the ERJ-170.

The new Embraer jet is manufactured in three different versions:: ERJ-170, -175, -190 and -195, going from 70 to 110 seats. The ERJ is driven by General Electric CF34 engines that are also used for CRJ and FD728. The first flight of the ERJ-170 was on February 19th 2002, launching customer was Crossair which turned into Swiss Air Lines. The first flight of the ERJ-190 is planned for 2004.

As a result of the big demand for 100 seat jets on the relatively low developed market, Bombardier (stretched Canadair Jet) and Fairchild Dornier (728, 928Jet) launched their own projects as well. However it seems that Embraer has the best position, as business jet mutations Canadair RJ-700 and -900 can't offer the same level of comfort, and Dornier's promising Jet is unlikely to be mass-produced after the company's collapse.


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