Boeing 757

At the end of the Seventies the Boeing 757 (together with the 767) was developed as a successor for the Boeing 727. The Boeing 757 has the same fuselage diameter as its predeccessor, but is however a completely new aircraft and Boeings first model with screens in the flight deck. Launching customer of the aircraft with up to 239 seats was Eastern Airlines in January 1983.

Its location between 737 and 767, its range and its rentability made the Boeing 757 with its characteristic nose one of the most successful aircraft in Boeing family. Especially many charter airlines bought the 757, whose offered engines are either Pratt&Whitney (PW2000) or Rolls-Royce (RB.211-535)

With an order by Condor in fall 1996, the about seven metres stretched Boeing 757-300 was launched. This aircraft can transport up to 279 passengers. The first 757-300 could be delivered to Condor in August 1998.

Slow sales rates are responsible for the end of the 757 line in 2004. The last ever built 757 went to China. Still the aircraft is not yet at the end of its career. With the installation of winglets, Boeing recently managed to upgrade the range of the 757 so it allows low-frequency flights between Europe and North America. Continental e.g. uses the 757 on their New York - Hamburg and New York - Oslo routes.

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