ATR 72

The ATR 72 is a stretched version of the ATR 42, firstly presented on Paris Aerosalon in 1985. The first flight of the ATR 72 was in October 1988, one year later KarAir took the first ATR72-200 in service.

The ATR 72 can transport 64-74 passengers. Compared with the ATR 42 it was stretched about 4.5m, the wings were also stretched. The first version, ATR 72-500, is driven by PW 124 props.

The current version is ATR 72-210. It is driven by a more powerful PW 127 propeller and has like the ATR 42-500 a six-blade-propeller. Flight deck and cabin were redesigned and noiseoptimized. The airrcraft has a range of up to 2000km.

Still in 1995 ATR planned another stretched aircraft, called ATR82, but this project was turned down when ATR joined the short-living AI(R). As a result of the family structure of ATR 42 and 72, many airlines own both models.

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