Airbus A 319

The Airbus A319 is the smallest Airbus in family up to now. He was originally presented at the Paris Aerosalon in 1993 to complete the aircraft family down below. The first flight was in August 1995, the first aircraft was delivered to Swissair in April 1996.

Compared with the A320 the A319 was shortened about 4 metres, the engine power was reduced, what allows a higher range as a result of the minus of weight. Otherwise the A319 is identic with its family members A320/321 as far as possible. That has some advantages for the airlines, as they need only one typerating for the pilots and can reduce costs in maintenaince.

The Airbus A319 is also available as a business jet, named Airbus CJ. Persons with enough coins in their pocket can fly within luxerious ambience up to 11700km nonstop.

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